Managed Software testing services


Our Quality Engineering approach leads us to ensure early involvement in the delivery lifecycle, with test and quality management far beyond the usual confines of traditional test phases. We provide functional and non-functional testing regardless of sector, technology or methodology.

Agile Testing | Agile Software Testing

agile Testing 

Our experienced Agile testing experts work within Agile delivery teams in order to deliver quality and test services, ranging from supporting and challenging the definition of comprehensive acceptance criteria to structured exploratory testing and automated regression testing. Our consultants have the skills and experience to address or avoid common challenges of testing within Agile, such as “iterative waterfall” and integration testing.

They are often delivered alongside our Quality Engineering Consulting and Test Automation services, supporting the transition to or improvement of your Agile and continuous testing, and the definition and implementation of effective and efficient test automation as part of continuous testing and integration.

Functional Software Testing | Functional Testing

functional testing 

Our Functional Testing services deliver all aspects of functional testing throughout the delivery lifecycle, including test management, planning, preparation, analysis, scripting, execution and defect management at the System, Integration and User Acceptance (UAT) levels.

We take a context driven approach to each functional testing solution, ensuring the best-fit tools, practices and techniques are employed to deliver against their requirements.

Non-functional Testing | Performance Testing

non-functional testing 

Our Non-Functional Testing services include the delivery of performance testing and engineering as part of our managed services, along with Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT). Our experienced OAT consultants work with you to review and consider relevant non-functional requirements (NFRs) along with the design and execution of tests to assure elements such as business continuity, disaster recovery, backup/restore, alerts & monitoring, batch schedules, startup & shutdown, alerts & monitoring, logging & audit and security & access control.

Our managed services are underpinned by Tenology, our proven methodology and framework, ensuring best practice, consistent and accelerated delivery.

Agile Regression Testing | Accelerated Regression Testing | Automated Regression Testing

agile regression TESTING 

Regression testing is often an afterthought or deprioritised, presenting potentially damaging product quality risk. Ensuring appropriate levels of regression testing is a significant challenge within Agile delivery environments, with time pressures leading to limited regression test execution and focus. This is exacerbated by automated regression test debt, with Agile teams often lacking the time, budget and skills to implement and maintain automated regression tests with focus on new functionality and areas of change.

Our cost-effective regression testing service supplies you with the sought-after skills necessary to embed automation within Agile delivery environments. Leveraging our expert Test Automation Factory service overcomes availability and budget challenges commonly associated with sourcing and retaining appropriate talent. By giving regression testing a dedicated and appropriate level of focus we help you to maximise ongoing product quality allowing you to gain user trust and increase competitive advantage.

Contractor Resourcing | Software Testing Contractors


Drawing from our significant permanent quality engineering team along with a database of over 16,000 UK-based, qualified software testers and quality engineers, we are able to help fulfil your resource needs whether you are looking to enhance your existing in-house team or require short-term and rapidly scalable quality and testing resource. From a single test engineer through to a full project team, we will take your requirements and provide best-fit people to meet your needs, from junior test analysts through to programme test managers.

Along with the quality of our permanent team, our thorough approach to screening and selecting candidates, including practitioner interviews and technical testing, enables us to identify and vet contractors on a range of criteria including; sector-specific experience, proficiency using particular technologies and tools, and security clearance status amongst others.

Typical roles include: Test Managers, Heads of Test/QA, Test Leads, Test Engineers, Quality Engineers, Performance Testers & Engineers, Automation Testers, Test Analysts, Agile Testers and Software Developer in Test (SDET).




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