Accessibility Health Check

Our Accessibility and Usability Health Check is a browser-only testing service, that provides you with a high level visibility check of key issues across your nominated website pages, using the WCAG standards as a guideline. The health check provides you with a cost-effective way to easily identify any potential issues during your development process. Our reporting will provide you with high-level understanding of the defects that we have found, enabling you to take corrective action where necessary.

Full Accessibility Test Audit

Our Full Accessibility and Usability Audit also works to the WCAG standards however, the audit comprehensively tests all pages of your website or application and includes both device and browser testing. Before a full audit, we work with you to understand and create typical user journeys for your site and application. During the full audit we then employ both automated testing tools and manual testing to provide a more in-depth check on your site.




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