Our experienced automation consultants and engineers ensure that test automation is implemented where ongoing value can be achieved, maximising your return on investment and taking a pragmatic approach to the use of the latest tools, techniques and technologies and integrating with CI/CD pipelines.

Ten10 subscribe to the belief that test automation is developing code to test code, and therefore the right technical skills, experience and principles apply. We also know that this has to be balanced with appropriate test analysis to ensure that the automated tests are relevant and valuable, along with supporting a wider BDD or acceptance test driven approach.

We have expertise in a wide range of open source and commercial tools and frameworks, and our technology and tool agnostic approach means we always look to recommend the most appropriate solution. 
Our team have exceptional skills and experience in the latest Javascript based automation solutions built around Node.js such as Cypress, Webdriverjs and TestCafe, mobile tools such as Appium, Espresso and EarlGrey, along with many Selenium implementations and a range of frameworks and commercial tools including Cucumber, Serenity, Ranorex, TestComplete, EggPlant and UFT/LeanFT.

Whether the technology is web or client server based, we know that test automation isn’t just about automating the UI however, delivering API/service based automation and using tools such as REST-assured, Postman and PACT for microservices. Our automation services also include the use of advanced techniques to remove dependencies and allow earlier integration testing implementing bespoke service simulation and stubbing solutions and using tools such as WireMock.


Along with forming part of our Managed Service offering, Ten10 provides the following test automation specific services:


Whether your are looking to implement effective and efficient test automation for the first time, or feel that your current test automation requires an uplift in order to keep in line with wider Agile delivery practices and the latest technology trends, Ten10’s Automation Accelerator service provides an expert and accelerated way to achieve this, reducing the risk of making early decisions that prove costly and ineffective longer term.

We assess your technology, solution and delivery landscape in order to define and recommend an appropriate automation strategy and approach, taking into account common automation challenges such as test environments and data. This is then validated by a proof of concept (PoC) to provide a best practice basis for ongoing automation implementation.


Ten10’s Test Automation Factory provides a high value and cost effective service to deliver test automation and maintenance, with our Leeds based automation team working on an Agile, iterative basis against a backlog of (typically regression) test scripts to be automated, with focus and priorities agreed per delivery iteration.

The service can be supplemented by test analysis, embedded within your team in order to identify and prioritise automated test candidates.

Automated tests are then integrated back into your agile delivery process, typically within a CI pipeline, providing you with rapid quality feedback.


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